9-1-1 Interactive TTY Call Simulation Software

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Real-time training in responding to emergencies from TTY calls.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000

  • 128 MB memory and 150 MB hard drive space

  • Color SVGA monitor that supports at least True Color (16 bit)

The Interactive TTY Call Simulation Computer Software provides real-time training in responding to emergencies in which a person with a hearing loss initiated the call via a TTY. The program consists of 20 unique emergency calls, to which the user will respond as if using a TTY. The user is instructed to obtain specific information from the caller and record it on the Information Collection Sheets. Users have the option of configuring the screen to conform with an enhanced system (with automatic information) or as a TTY.

The program automatically maintains data on call processing time, communication clarity, and the number of times the user forgets to type “GA” after a response on each scenario for each trainee. The program keeps track of which scenarios users have previously completed and automatically puts them into the next unfinished scenario. Scenarios also can be individually selected.

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