myASLTech Large Group 12-Month Membership (per person)

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Please allow 24 hours for membership activation!

Just click on the membership you want to join the myASLTech Community!

Within 24 hours of your membership purchase, you will receive an email greeting with instructions on how to set up your login password. Once you do that, you can access myASLTech either via the black toolbar on or by going directly to Just click on the login button on the myASLTech homepage red toolbar or on any button that says Access Now - a login screen will appear.

myASLTech is a unique website that contains over 20 apps and tens of thousands of ASL images and videos for over 15,000 words, phrases, idioms, symbols, numbers, etc. These features and multimedia assets enable you to:


*Rapidly customize, print, and archive ASL-supported classroom materials and media

*Find signs that share an English word and words that share a sign.

*Describe and find signs by handshape, location, movement, and palm orientation

*Support text with sign graphics and video in real time

*Share creations with other myASLTech Community members

*Play games and read stories that reinforce ASL and English literacy

*Access tons of classroom ideas and downloadable posters, gameboards, puzzles, and more


When you become a myASLTech member, you automatically get “banks” into which you can save your products (e.g., quizzes, posters, worksheets, sign-supported content) on our cloud-hosted server. By linking your banks with other members, you can share products with each other!


 - 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month memberships are available for individuals, small groups (3-19 people), and large groups (20+ people).
 - 6-month and 12-month kid memberships are also available for pre-college students. (School ID may be required.)

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