Privacy Statement

IDRT is committed to protecting your privacy. You can visit most pages on our site without giving us any information about yourself. However, sometimes we do need personal identification information to provide services that you request (e.g., your address to send a purchase). All information is accepted in strictest confidence and is neither sold nor given to a third party for any other use but to transact a sale and ship merchandise. All information remains in control of IDRT for business purposes only. Purchases made through our website are done by a secure third-party provider, and no credit card information is maintained on-site. This privacy statement is meant to comply with all applicable laws of the State of Maryland and the Federal Government regarding the transaction of sales on the Internet.


Copyright Policy

All images, clip art, video, software code, and databases on this website and in our CD-ROM products are owned by and copyrighted to IDRT. The clip art images and video clips can be used for non-commercial purposes, including personal and educational uses. By definition, non-commercial uses refer to any use that does not generate income and is not used to promote the generation of income. It also may not be used to generate and distribute non-commercial products and websites that may be construed to compete with IDRT's. The software and databases cannot be duplicated, distributed, reverse engineered, decompiled, or disassembled. IDRT expressly limits acceptance to the terms and conditions cited herein. No person is authorized to accept additional or different terms, including by any express or implied statement or conduct, unless such additional or different terms are explicitly agreed to or accepted in writing and signed by the company’s authorized representative.


Return Policy for Products Purchased

If a CD ⁄ DVD will not properly install or play on your personal computer, we encourage you to call or email us first. We usually can figure out why you have encountered a problem and help you through it. If we cannot find a resolution, IDRT permits the return of items postmarked within 15 days of receipt, provided they are in new condition, without scratches or marks upon the CD ⁄ DVD or its cover. The cost of the item will be refunded. The cost of postage for shipping and return mail is not refundable.

If you receive software or casing in damaged condition, you can receive a replacement at no charge with proof of damage (e.g., return of the item or a picture).

To obtain your refund, you must notify IDRT in writing of the reason for the return and include a copy of the IDRT invoice with your item. If you no longer have the IDRT invoice, please write your name, address, and phone number (and purchase order number, if applicable) along with your return. Returns of IDRT products not purchased directly from IDRT itself but from other companies are subject to the return policies of those companies. These companies are not bound by the policies of IDRT. Returns of products sold directly to you by IDRT are to be made to:

11323 Amherst Avenue
Wheaton, Maryland 20902


Shipping Policy

Ordering on the website is for US addresses only. All prospective out of US sales should be made by contacting IDRT sales, either by telephone, fax, or email.
Items will be shipped:

  • For small packages (under 7 pounds), by US Postal Service using First Class or Priority Mail (without tracking or receipt certification), or

  • For large packages (7 or more pounds), by United Parcel Services.

Contact Phone Number: (301) 942-4326 (V ⁄ TTY)
Contact Video Phone Number: (301) 830-5315
For Sales Information:
For General Information:


IDRT Anti-Trafficking Compliance Plan

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