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About myASLTech

myASL Tech is a unique suite of assistive technology tools that enable users to:

  • Efficiently create and archive ASL-supported educational materials and quizzes

  • Support text with sign graphics and video in real time

  • Build and share creations with other myASL Tech Community members

  • Play games that reinforce ASL and English literacy

my ASL Dictionary

View sign graphics, conceptual graphics, English text, and video clips in an expanding lexicon of root words. Identify words by inputting English text.

 my Sign Generator

Translate English words, phrases, symbols, and idioms into ASL graphics and video clips in real time.

my Concept Generator

Automatically support English words, phrases, symbols, and idioms with concept graphics.

my ASL games

Play a variety of interactive learning games that can be used to reinforce sign language learning or just have fun. With many of games, you can play by category or with the entire myASL Tech lexicon.

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my ASL publisher

Create instructional materials (e.g., posters, flash cards) using ASL and concept graphic clip art. You can draw, make shapes, and import your own graphics too. Save and print!

my ASL Templates

Create templates that automatically generate customizable, printable worksheets (e.g., fingerspelling scrambles, crossword puzzles,
word finds).

my ASL Quizmaker

Create quizzes with automatic sign graphic and video support. Have students take published quizzes. Score the quizzes and send results back to the students. Obtain statistical reports.

my ASL Thesaurus

Identify signs by inputting descriptors (i.e., hand shapes, locations, movements, and palm orientations). View the resulting sign graphics and videos, corresponding English words, concept graphics, and ASL and English definitions in an expanding lexicon of root words.

my ASL Thesaurus

Enjoy original, beautifully illustrated stories with ASL translations suitable for young children.

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